Let’s say you have a FIRE number. Let’s say that happily one day you were able to hit that number. Would you really retire early?

This is a good thought experiment to assess your current work environment. Obviously the point of FIRE is to have enough money to actually call it quits in whatever you do. But let’s stop for a minute and determine if we did suddenly have what we needed to live financially independent lives, no debts and enough passive income to pay our bills, would we really stop working? Is your work just a source of income to pay said bills? If so, then it would make sense to hang it up and run out the door. But what if that work you do every day is more than just a source of money. What if it provides you with a deeper fulfillment, a meaning, a sense of contribution to something bigger than you? Then you would probably not feel the urgency to ditch.

If you can see yourself doing what you do after having the financial cushion to not have to work, then you have found the job you are supposed to be doing. At that point, the work is probably not work any more. If you don’t see yourself doing that job, then perhaps now is the time to evaluate life. Perhaps it makes sense to move on sooner rather than later, even without that financial cushion.